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For a year now we have all become professionals for Corona protective measures. From FPP2 protective masks, disinfectants, self-tests even various new vaccines – everything is offered nowadays.

They have become important elements of our life, which should offer us health protection in everyday life. The most important protection, however, is an intact and strong immune system. It strengthens the natural defenses of the organism and thus offers great protection against viruses. 

With our premium product MEGA NFC medical 10, we have been offering you a safe and tested product for several years. It supports the immune system and strengthens the natural defenses of the organism and is therefore an important contribution to your own protection against viruses. 

We are again offering you our protection package, consisting of 1 to 3 products, at very attractive prices for a limited period of time. 


Your protection against Corona viruses

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Strengthen your natural defense systems with your premium detox medical device MEGA NFC medical10.

MEGA NFC medical10 strengthens your intestinal wall barrier and activates the natural protective shield in your organism.

MEGA NFC medical10 “Intestinally healthy – healthy human”

High Tech Medical Device MEGA NFC® medical10 is important for athletes and anyone looking for an active and athletic lifestyle.

Take our premium product for your traning concomitant and preventative for your athletic health.


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Ultimate Power and Beauty Booster

  • Detoxication
  • Body mineralizing
  • Preventive treatment
  • Healthy breath and joy of life
  • Proven German quality and reliability
  • Efficiency confirmed by clinical studies