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Your protection against Corona viruses

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Hamster purchases, scaremongering and spreading fear, and the Robert Koch Institute recommends the frequent one due to the current situation
Washing hands or disinfecting hands, this is to reduce the penetration of bacteria and viruses into the intestine.

But you can do much more.
Strengthen your natural defense systems with your premium detox medical device MEGA NFC medical10.

MEGA NFC medical10 strengthens your intestinal wall barrier and activates the natural protective shield in your organism.

MEGA NFC medical10 “Intestinally healthy – healthy human”

High Tech Medical Device MEGA NFC® medical10 is important for athletes and anyone looking for an active and athletic lifestyle.

Take our premium product for your traning concomitant and preventative for your athletic health.


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Ultimate Power and Beauty Booster

  • Detoxication
  • Body mineralizing
  • Preventive treatment
  • Healthy breath and joy of life
  • Proven German quality and reliability
  • Efficiency confirmed by clinical studies