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Your new key experience – Bodycleaning DELUXE

No matter if you are in preventive health care measures, or taking treatment – using our detox-product you can improve your well-being and quality of life.

PREMIUM medical product MEGA NFC® medical10 is manufactured of modified activated natural clinoptilolite by the worldwide-known unique HENA® technology (High Energy Natural Activation).
This is natural mineral or volcanic origin enriched with minerals of high value.

Highly-effective medical product featuring biologically regulative functions.

Absolutely natural origin, the material of pharmaceutical purity.

MEGA NFC® medical10 is the result of innovational developments of the scientists and doctors in Germany.

Premium quality. 100 % MADE IN GERMANY

Administration purpose Action principle Features
This medicine promotes detoxication of stomach, intestinal tract and liver by fixation and elimination of harmful substances from human’s organism. Being the most important detoxication organ, liver obtains very effective support and release. Taken as pulvis, the medicine’s action begins already in the tunica mucosa of mouth.

MEGA NFC® medical10 helps to treat, relieve, prevent and assist supporting therapy of the symptoms related to ingress of heavy metals into organism, as well as to increased concentration of ammonium and biogenic amines, such as histamine.
  • Detoxication of digestive tract and liver relief.
  • Inflammatory diseases of digestive tract and bowel.
  • Food intolerance.
  • Symptoms related to ingress into organism of contaminating substances such as ammonium, histamine, as well as heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and toxic substances (aluminum).
  • Full detoxication due to special property: fixation of harmful substances on the GIT stage and their elimination from humans.
How is it used? MEGA NFC® medical 10 is available in a month's supply package of 30 double sachets per 3g.:
  • It should be taken orally either ½ hour before the first or after the last meal.
  • Once a day stir 1 to 2 bags into 200 ml of still water with a ceramic or plastic spoon and slowly drink in small quantities (20-25 ml) whilst constantly stirring it.
  • It is important as MEGA NFC ® medical 10 already starts to work in the mucous membrane of the mouth. We recommend that you drink 2 to 3 litres of water over the course of the day.
The main principle of action is based on selective ion exchange.
This leads to fixation and elimination of ammonium, histamine and other biogenic amines from humans, fixation and elimination of toxic substances such as cesium, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

The ions important for human organism containing in the MEGA NFC® medical10 crystal latitude are transferred into the cells through the connective tissue, and the ions body shall be definitely free of are eliminated from the other side, e.g. heavy metals ions (depending on the selectiveness range).
This process stimulates natural detoxication and prevents excessive free radicals formation.

They are much more effective than the well-known ‘free radical acceptors’, such as certain vitamins.
  • Humans after organ transplantation
  • pregnant and nursing women
  • Patients on diffusion
Reject administration if there is at least one of the contraindications present.  

Side effects: not known

The medicine is not harmful for insulin-dependent persons.

MEGA NFC ® medical 10 does not contain lactobiose, glutens and is perfectly fit for vegetarians and vegans.

The medicine does not contain genetically modified specimens, hormones or allergenic agents.
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Luxury Deep Detox Maske is an innovation medical product based on high-quality active natural mineral of pharmaceutical purity intended for profound and efficient detoxication.

It is not cleaning but detoxication – this is the new motto of your organism care.

The effect of profound detoxication at external administration of the medicine are revealed at once:

Full color of your face and improvement of skin structure.

Profound, efficient detoxication of skin may promote lifting effect and help to accentuate contours of face.

  • Suitable for all types of skin including sensitive, irritated and subject to allergies;
  • Relieves inflammatory irritation of skin.

The medicine is tested and recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

MEGA ELIXIR NFC Collection Ultimative Regeneration Face Cream

New ritual of skin care by ancient recipes. A sensational secret of achieving uniform complexion and impeccable quality of skin.

Soft reactivating facial cream.

High-quality activated natural mineral and valuable natural oil components for drastic improvement of skin structure.

For fresh, young and bright glance even at frequent irritations, allergies and sensitive skin. Very effective at cleaning adolescent skin.

No gender or age limits.