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For those who consciously want to change their lives and achieve a significant improvement in the overall quality of life.

With a Starterkid – 7 double sachets without cardboard – you now have the opportunity to start the Detox cure.

With our starter program, you can order 7  double sachets and start your treatment (from 7 days – 7 double sachets), making it easy to get started in the Detox world.

No matter if you are in preventive health care measures, or taking treatment – using our detox-product you can improve your well-being and quality of life.

PREMIUM medical product MEGA NFC® medical10 is manufactured of modified activated natural clinoptilolite by the worldwide-known unique HENA® technology (High Energy Natural Activation).
This is natural mineral or volcanic origin enriched with minerals of high value.

Highly-effective medical product featuring biologically regulative functions.

Absolutely natural origin, the material of pharmaceutical purity.

MEGA NFC® medical10 is the result of innovational developments of the scientists and doctors in Germany.

Premium quality. 100 % MADE IN GERMANY

Enjoy all the advantages of a high quality product.

Convince yourself of the effect.

Note from the manufacturer: a starter program is designed for customers who want to familiarize themselves with our product and want to get started with body detoxification.

That’s why our recommendation:

at least 7-14 days to test the premium product. During this time, some positive processes in your body are stimulated and the first changes become noticeable.

A starter program can be the beginning of a monthly cure for you.

The order quantity is limited to a maximum of 2 starter sets.
Free shipping only within Germany.
Outside of Germany an additional fee of 10 € will be charged.

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