PREMIUM medical product MEGA NFC® medical10 is manufactured of modified activated natural clinoptilolite by the worldwide-known unique HENA® technology (High Energy Natural Activation).

MEGA NFC® medical 10 consists of a monthly pack containing 30 double sachets each 3 g.

Administration Purpose:

This medicine promotes detoxication of stomach, intestinal tract and liver by fixation and elimination of harmful substances from human’s organism. Being the most important detoxication organ, liver obtains very effective support and release. Taken as pulvis, the medicine’s action begins already in the tunica mucosa of mouth.

Action principle:

The main principle of action is based on selective ion exchange. This leads to fixation and elimination of ammonium, histamine and other biogenic amines from humans, fixation and elimination of toxic substances such as cesium, and heavy metals such as lead and mercury.


Detoxication of digestive tract and liver relief.
Inflammatory diseases of digestive tract and bowel.

Food intolerance.
Histamine intolerance.