ELLE Detox pulvis – undercover agent of beauty, unusual diagnostics and diet – Maria Taranenko tested special program
Journalists and colleagues have long discussed powder on the effective healing of Mega NFC, which was presented at the clinic Kraftway. I could at first not to practice it squirm take. In November I was, however, overtaken by fatigue and did not feel good: increased blood pressure, stomach cramps, nausea. For me it was to test at the time the capabilities of this wonder cure.

Fine grinding

The powder Mega NFC is unusual because it is produced from a volcanic mineral, which is obtained from Nonwegen. This intensive antioxidants stimulate processes Zellniveaux. At the same time it separates toxins and provides the body with the necessary elements. Thus a synchronizing process work seemed strange. But when I remembered my medical experience from my college days, on the balance of electrolytes in the blood, I realized that it is all logical. In the morning I took 20 minutes before breakfast dose dissolved in water – neutral taste and no smell. The effect occurred after 2 weeks. I felt a rush of forces, fresher skin and the blood pressure has stabilized. And most important, I stopped heaps to take dietary supplements. The requirement is not applicable!

This is true to the point

My new achievement and experience about the product I have told the director of the clinic Kraftway “Viktoria Roshaninova”. We talked and decided if health is not okay, you need a diagnosis. In the doctor’s office the doctor already Evgenij zero and the diagnostics unit MSAS Professional has been waiting for me. Evgenij Isovich has me put a sensor on the palm and checked with the other sensor control points on the hands. The computer has fixed to create the parameters to make a diagnosis and a cure scheme. After testing the indicators Doctor Zero was horrified! Only four of the indicators were the standard accordingly. The others were rated “Poor” or Mediocre. The doctor prescribed prescribed a homeopathic solution that is to be taken before taking the morning of Mega NFC and the evening before sleeping. The scheme of treatment was simple. Heavy to find a suitable place in the house for storage of the solution was. One should keep the solution far from cell phones, televisions and other technical appliances. I had to put under the ear of my husband my phone from the nightstand next to the bed.

Please to table

Desweitem me a diet was prescribed. The main principle – to exclude products that can cause fermentation and putrefaction in the organism. The ban was on sugar (I do not eat sugar), yeast bread (in my menu is not before) and fast carbohydrates down (noodles and rice brighter) – It’s nothing! Not easy it was to do without wine and champagne, which I do. Love everything about And on mushrooms which I love, soy sauce, vinegar and sushi (white rice for sushi is cooked in vinegar). I was allowed to drink any carbonated beverages, even carbonated mineral water (carbonated leads the calcium from the body and stimulates the
Fermentation process). For the base products that I am used to eat every day, allows: fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. This diet I can not call it strictly.

total Result

Based on these new rules, I live only two weeks but have already noticed positive changes. The stomach is no riots, I’m calmer and more slender, the swelling of the body are gone. My taste has changed completely. I used to be passionate Kaffeegenießerin, but now I can not stand the taste and smell of this drink. The energy kicks on, even without coffee. Incidentally, I have a well-known, who suffered from chronic fatigue. He recommended I Mega NFC. After a week he called me back, saying: “I was the only one who had no hangover after a long meeting in the evening. My business partner drove today shopping to buy the powder in large quantities.