The German corporation Nanoble Health Concept concludes a strategically important cooperation with MedGen, a young company in the field of human gene analysis.

„With the latest technology from nutrigenetics, epigenetics and medical genetics, it is now possible to investigate your own genes. Valuable knowledge about your genes is used as the key to performance, health & vitality, anti aging and SLIMNESS for life, says Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Frass, Internal Medicine.

Sabine Hainke, Marketing- and Consulting, continues: A gene is an instruction for the body and usually only has a specific function. So there are genes whose function is to tell the body how it can decompose foods in the intestine to absorb the nutrients then. Experts estimate that every human carries around 1,800 genetic variations or genetic defects, which in total affect his health or cause illnesses. The unique knowledge of your STRENGTH RISK PROFILE from Med Genanalyse, Med Diagnostics & Med Health Checkup will help you to neutralize your genetic risks as best you can and start with the most effective measures for you.

The results of the analysis include individual nutritional plans, an overview of their own micronutrient requirements as well as adapted sports and exercise programs.

In addition to supporting detoxification, elimination of a variety of harmful heavy metals, as well as further protection and construction of the intestinal barrier, MEGA NFC© medical10 is offered as part of the therapy.

With this collaboration, we have come a great deal further towards our goal of using MEGA NFC© medical10 as a classed medical device with all its proven effects in the area of ​​therapeutic support,” said Chris Boczek, Global Sales Director at Nanoble Health Concept.