Nanoble Health Concept resolutely continues its cooperation with partners from the medical sector. The current new partnership was entered into with GutMed, an Austrian company consisting of a team of physicians focused on the treatment of foreign patients at home specialists and hospitals in Austria.

„We support patients from all over the world for general as well as special and rare treatments and thus accompany them throughout their entire treatment or recovery. Austria continues to be a highly demanded and scientifically developed place for a variety of diagnostic methods and treatments, i.e. in the field of oncology but also up to cosmetic surgery at the highest level and broad opportunities in the field of pediatric medicine.“, says Univ.Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller-Sacherer, pediatrician specialized in nephrology as well as consultation.

Dr. Alexandra Potemkina, a general practitioner and aspiring osteopath, explains: „We see very good results in the treatment of e.g. Patients in the field of detoxification of heavy metals, but also in the production of intestinal integrity. Very interesting are also the application in the field of food intolerance as well as histamine binding in general.”

Chris Boczek, Global Sales Director bei Nanoble Health Concept, adds: „Another, for us also strategic, collaboration with which we are particularly pleased to see our medical product MEGA NFC© medical10 again used therapeutically -accompanying.“.