The german corporation Nanoble Health Concept allured with Chris Boczek a worldwide experienced leader for their management team. In his role as Global Sales Director, he will sign responsible for expansion of the worldwide distribution network as well as to enhance and further develop strategic partnerships.

Born in Vienna, grown up in the Wachau-region, he started his professional career in 1999 at international leading corporations und took over in a very early stage, at a time of 26 years of age, full responsibility for the development of Sales- and Operation structures as well as foundation and management of local legal entities in quite challenging environments within the Middle East. For him personally, he states, his most impressive successes have been the acquisition, development and leadership of local competence established in Afghanistan and Iraq, where he used to live for 7 years. After some following endeavours in his career, amongst others being member of the board of the leading afghan telecom operator, he returned to his home country recently to further complement his experiences with his bio-medical background.

“Despite us being well recognized in the field of Detox, Beauty as well as in the luxury-segment in general, it is clearly my personal motivation and focus to highlight and strengthen all medical applications and treatments supported by our products, based on all proven and certified effects and characteristics. We already entered cooperation with medical doctors on several fields, hospitals as well as private clinics, amongst others in the field of therapies and cure after treatments related to patients critically ill, or to recover the gut integrity and further with an organisation performing detailed gen-analysis, where our products are an essential part of the following treatments and supporting lifestyle changes of patients in general. It remains simply personally fulfilling carrying responsibility to support customers in their way to a conscious, healthier, life and therewith hand them the opportunity, to gleam from inside again.”, says the 38-year-old, father of two teenagers, himself being a passionate consumer of the entire portfolio of products of Nanoble Health Concept.

He will closely work together with the CEO, Alrich Kruse, who mentions: “Chris will, through his intensive experience, be an ideal endorsement to our existing team. His bio-medical knowledge enables him to gain a holistic understanding of the mechanisms of action of our Premium product MEGA NFC® medical10. While we can look back on successes in several fields, such as Beauty-, Lifestyle- as well as Spa-areas, it will be his role, to forge several new markets for us, for instance also for the soon to be released MEGA ELIXIR-product line.”

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