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The detox pulvis is to be dissolved in water and drunk mornings; this helps to prevent degenerative diseases, improves appearance of skin and exercises anti-aging effect. ‘If there is any amrita’, – says Ornella Muti, the actress – ‘then this is MEGA NFC® medical10: antioxidant promoting renewal of youth, the latest generation drug which promises ... Read more

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ELLE Undercover agent of beauty

ELLE Detox pulvis - undercover agent of beauty, unusual diagnostics and diet – Maria Taranenko tested special program Journalists and colleagues have long discussed powder on the effective healing of Mega NFC, which was presented at the clinic Kraftway. I could at first not to practice it squirm take. In November I was, however, overtaken ... Read more

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Irina Kirienko, Director of the Beauty Department of In Style magazin, Russia

„I organize a Sports Marathon for me before the Christmas Marathon - I train in World Class Pawlowo three times per week and I do exclusive massage at Aldo Coppola. After the events I try to visit SPA "L. Raphael "of the Kempinski Hotel Nikolskaya to make a proprietary oxygen facial treatment: facial skin comes ... Read more

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Irina Kurbatova, President of the jeweler house Alexander Arne

I begin day with a morning dose of Mega NFC® - a Preparation for detoxification and mineralization of the body. Then - for training: one and a half hours in the gym and swimming during an hour.  After that, I just go to the jeweler factory Arne. We have Arts Council every Tuesday.

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