Harper’s Bazaar

Ende des Sommers – das ist die beste Zeit für die Reinigung des Organismus, davon ist die Eigentümerin der Klinik Kraftway Viktoria Roshtshanikova überzeugt. Und dafür muss man nicht mal lange Reisen ans Meer unternehmen

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Vogue Italia

Detox-Pulver, mit Wasser gemischt und morgens getrunken, hilft die degenerative Erkrankungen zu verhindern, es bessert das Hautbild und hat eine Anti-Aging-Wirkung.

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ELLE Undercover agent of beauty

ELLE Detox pulvis - undercover agent of beauty, unusual diagnostics and diet – Maria Taranenko tested special program Journalists and colleagues have long discussed powder on the effective healing of Mega NFC, which was presented at the clinic Kraftway. I could at first not to practice it squirm take. In November I was, however, overtaken [...]

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Irina Kirienko, Director of the Beauty Department of In Style magazin, Russia

„I organize a Sports Marathon for me before the Christmas Marathon - I train in World Class Pawlowo three times per week and I do exclusive massage at Aldo Coppola. After the events I try to visit SPA "L. Raphael "of the Kempinski Hotel Nikolskaya to make a proprietary oxygen facial treatment: facial skin comes [...]

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Irina Kurbatova, President of the jeweler house Alexander Arne

I begin day with a morning dose of Mega NFC® - a Preparation for detoxification and mineralization of the body. Then - for training: one and a half hours in the gym and swimming during an hour.  After that, I just go to the jeweler factory Arne. We have Arts Council every Tuesday.

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