Because there are no class magazines of our type with a reflection of the current work at all.

Because there are no class magazines of our type with a reflection of the current work at all.

I would like to emphasize once again that we are talking about graduates, whose external evaluation results have always been a measure not only of each of them, but also an indirect indicator of the effectiveness of the institution and the state education system in general.

Equally naive will be the MES’s belief that their request not to overload students will be more weighty than the position of an individual teacher that his subject is “the most important for the formation of the personality of all his students.”

This is as inevitable as the formula – “Here on the highway / street / in the yard, I, Sergeant, am the main one and I decide everything!”

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Legislation promotes arbitrary interpretation of basic regulations

V. White: on educational legislation, which …

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

About our educational legislation, which …

… Promotes arbitrary INTERPRETATION of basic legal regulators for the DEVELOPMENT of the education system.

Abroad, institutionally, ie at the level of the law, in ALL general secondary education institutions of the country, one way or another, parents of students are blocked from “talking” to their child’s teacher during the break between lessons. The teacher’s personal time outside work is similarly protected.

Not to mention blocking during the school day visits to teachers and students of various agents for the sale of goods / objects and the distribution of the service, representatives of public, political and religious organizations.

And now let’s imagine WHAT will happen and how will protect our law on education staff of the school, which decides to apply the principle of autonomy of the institution to implement in practice a similar approach: a school day – to carry out educational activities according to long-term and current plans and programs. partnership – outside it in a certain order?

Abroad, there are institutional procedures for imposing fines for truancy. There, this has noticeable manifestations on the last day before school vacation.

Parents are fined at the request of the school principal and the principal of the school, the student / parents whose report was drawn up by the police at the airport or train station, and no request was received from the principal.

Imagine WHAT will happen to us and how will our law on education protect the school principal who raises the level of responsibility of parents of their students to such a level of development?

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Why write down the current work after its actual execution, of which there is no doubt?

Q. White: school – quarantine – class magazine: how to be?

Author: Vladimir Bely, Deputy Director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

School – quarantine – class magazine: how to be?

And, for example, I know live – in France and Algeria there is no such problem at all.


Because there are no class magazines of our type with a reflection of the current work at all. Why write down the current work after its actual implementation, of which there is no doubt? After all, the institution works according to the established schedule. It works, not pretends to work, so NO ONE checks anything from the current one, because there is a directorate that keeps everything in action all the time.

Instead, all written scheduled THEMATIC attestations of students, which they perform on separate pieces of paper, are documents of strict reporting and are stored in the form of bound packages in the administration, and not in the teachers’ rooms or at home.

There is a class “ledger” with the final grades of students for the trimester and year, where each grade is accompanied by a verbal comment from the teacher of the subject plus a general comment from the pedagogical council on the results of student education for the trimester and year.

An extract from it is made for the parents of each student as his trimester / annual report card.

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The teacher has no right to make a mistake in operating with the basic material provided for his students

Vladimir Bely: does a teacher have the right to make a mistake?

Author: Vladimir Bely, ex-deputy director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

Does a teacher have the right to make a mistake?

This is looking at what we are talking about.

The teacher has no right to make a mistake in operating the basic theoretical material that is provided for his students.

That is why, for example, in France, a teacher who is certified as a primary school teacher cannot hire a senior institution until he or she receives a license to work at this age, already a lyceum.

The older a student becomes, the more scientifically complex the content must be.

I draw attention to this material by Oleg Orlyansky for the SIMPLE and IMPORTANT reason for the nation that most members of the group working on the project “Profile of the Ukrainian teacher of the new Ukrainian school” (mainly representatives of pedagogical universities and IPPO) on proposals aimed at strengthening the requirements for the teacher regarding the level of his theoretical training, react as those that are not worthy of attention.

Thanks to fate, we have the opportunity to prevent an even worse future due to a bad social and life scenario (coronavirus pandemic).

Already in the field of scientific and educational “virality” of domestic education due to the growing dominance of unqualified graduates of pedagogical universities / faculties, because the best purely pedagogical skills use of teaching time, but due to scientifically erroneous content becomes even worse than lack of education. Krueger).

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After the appearance of the Centers, it is necessary to move to an independent procedure for assigning categories

V. White: Consultation and certification centers

Author: Vladimir Bely, ex-deputy director for OIA, Physical and Technical Lyceum of Kherson.

“A” should be followed by “B” – about Consulting Centers as a step towards a truly independent certification of teachers

If our system of assigning categories of the level of professionalism of pedagogical workers was free from the influence of the manifestations of circular guarantee and protection, and our universities did not issue diplomas to those who try to write off their studies, then perhaps there would be no need for former methodical offices or newly announced Centers for professional development of teachers.

But so far we have not, unlike most countries in the world.

Therefore, the next logical step after the emergence of such Centers should be the transition to a completely independent of the bureaucratic and official circular guarantee for “their” procedures for assigning categories.

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